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Department of Business and Economics

Economics Seminar

The TU Dortmund Economics Seminar takes place Mondays from 12:30 to 13:45 in Room 127 (Vogelpothsweg 87, first floor). Feel free to contact ewf.wiwitu-dortmundde for any questions.

Next  external talk

12 June 2023 Michael Evers (University of Hohenheim)  


Date Presenter Title
24 April 2023 Marvin Bongiovi Machine Learning in Game Theory
08 May 2023 Greg Clark (University of Southern Denmark) Assortative Mating and the Industrial Revolution: England, 1754-2021
15 May 2023 Pavel Brendler (University of Bonn) To Have or Not to Have: Understanding Wealth Inequality
22 May 2023 Dejan Dragutinović Rent-extraction, competence and survival in office: a model
05 Juni 2023 Tobias Büscher The Impact of R&D Funding on Innovation and Firm Outcomes
12 June 2023 Michael Evers (University of Hohenheim)  
19 June 2023 Aitor Irastorza-Fadrique (University of Essex & IFS) Household responses to trade shocks
26 Juni 2023 Philipp Denter (University Carlos III Madrid)  
03 July 2023 Frank Pisch (TU Darmstadt)  
10 July 2023 Gregor Jost TBA