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Department of Business and Economics

The following timetable and application phases apply to Bachelor theses:


application phases



Summer term

01.02. – 28.02.

bis 07.03.


Winter term

01.08. – 31.08.

bis 07.09.



After receiving feedback, you will write a topic description in which you narrow down your topic.

Applications will only be accepted within the application deadlines via the online form.

Please also note the programme-specific regulations and requirements for registering a thesis*:

  • Economics: 120 ECTS (only completed modules will be considered)
  • Industrial Engineering: 165 ECTS
  • Business Mathematics: 120 ECTS

*Information without guarantee. Please refer to your examination regulations for the current requirements.


Project seminar:

Students of economics also take the project seminar (module 11). You automatically take the module when you register for the Bachelor's thesis.

Further information on the project seminar can be found in the subject area Procedure.



  1. Application phase
    • You apply with your topic idea using the online form
  2. Topic identification
    • First interview to narrow down the topic
    • Preparation of a topic description with a draft outline (approx. 1-2 pages)
    • Feedback discussion on your topic description. You will also find out who will be responsible for supervising the content of your thesis.
  3. Registration for the final thesis
  4. Project seminar (only for BA-Wiwi)
    • Strong content-related reference to the Bachelor's thesis
    • Examination performance: Preparation of an exposé (4-5 pages) on the topic of your thesis
    • Time: Submission approx. 4 weeks after registration of the Bachelor's thesis (by e-mail)
  5. Submission of the thesis via Exabase
  6. Oral defence
    • Shortly after submission of the thesis
    • Usually 20 minutes presentation + 10 minutes discussion



If you have general questions about a thesis, please contact our secretary's office by e-mail: ewf.wiwitu-dortmundde