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Department of Business and Economics

Publications of the professorship

We would like to give an overview of our publications and working papers. For further information see the team members’ personal web pages.

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Journal articles

Böhm, Michael J., Daniel Metzger and Per Strömberg. “‘Since You’re So Rich, You Must Be Really Smart’: Talent, Rent Sharing, and the Finance Wage Premium.” Accepted for publication in the Review of Economic Studies.

Böhm, Michael J., Hans-Martin von Gaudecker, and Felix Schran. “Occupation Growth, Skill Prices, and Wage Inequality.” Accepted for publication in the Journal of Labor Economics.

Böhm, Michael J., and Christian Siegel. 2021. “Make Yourselves Scarce: The Effect of Demographic Change on the Relative Wages and Employment Rates of Experienced Workers.” International Economic Review 62 (4): 1537–1568.

Böhm, Michael J., Terry Gregory, Pamela Qendrai, and Christian Siegel. 2021. “Demographic Change and Regional Labour Markets.Oxford Review of Economic Policy 37 (1): 113–131.

Böhm, Michael J. 2020. “The price of polarization: Estimating task prices under routine-biased technical change.Quantitative Economics 11 (2): 761–799.

Fortin, Nicole M., Brian Bell, and Michael J. Böhm. 2017. “Top earnings inequality and the gender pay gap: Canada, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.Labour Economics 47: 107–123.

Böhm, Michael J., and Martin Watzinger. 2015. “The Allocation of Talent over the Business Cycle and its Long‐term Effect on Sectoral Productivity.Economica 82 (328): 892–911.​​​​​​​

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Working Papers

Böhm, Michael J., and Pamela Qendrai. “System Relevance and Firm Performance due to COVID-19.” November 2022.

Böhm, Michael J., Khalil Esmkhani, and Giovanni Gallipoli. “Firm Heterogeneity in Skill Returns.” May 2022.